I would like to thank you for the amazing orchestra you arranged for my wedding on March 14th at Chynka.. You were very easy to deal with and very honest. You told us when and how we can save money, without jeopardizing the quality of the music.Our friends that were at our wedding said they have not heard such a great band in a long time.

We would like to wish you much success and hope to use you by future family simchas.

We will definitely recommend you to friends and family.


Menachem and Aliza Resnick

The Meitar band was really amazing. The music really got the crowd moving. Menachem was very accommodating to all of our requests. We highly recommend the Meitar band & we would like to use them again IY"H.

Sharon Pancer

Dear Menachem,

I was pleased to hear that you are in the process of creating a website for Meitar Orchestra.

I am sure that as the reputation of Meitar spreads, more and more people will reach out to you for your expertise.

They will find, as I have, that you are a pleasure to deal with, and make what might be a stressful experience into an extremely pleasant one.

Of course, aside from your client-centric philosophy, your ability to comprehend the musical needs of your clients and the top tier artists you bring to your jobs will surely engender an entirely positive – and lebedike – event.

Best  of luck!

YR from Far Rockaway

Dear Menachem,

I used Meitar Orchestra for our daughter's wedding. To say that they were professional is the understatement of the year! Every single instrument in the orchestra was played by a top notch artist. What's more, they look like they were having a blast! And at the end of the day, if your orchestra is enjoying playing music for the guests, your guests will notice it and appreciate it. Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention that they were very accommodating when it came to price. All in all, I was 100% satisfied and have been telling my friends about them ever since!


Benzion and Shani Klatzko

So it's been three weeks since my daughter got married and people are still stopping me to say how wonderful it was... And believe me, it was awesome!

So what makes a simcha great? Well, besides the occasion, the food, family, and friends... the key to an even more awesome affair is obviously... the music!

Well, all I can tell you is that these guys rocked the house!!! Every moment - all evening long - was filled with all the perfect songs, with just the right tempos, and we were all beyond thrilled! We were enjoying it so much we didn't want the music to stop... The evening was so lively and spirited... fantastic! And it was because of the top notch, dream team of music professionals that Menachem Tzvi Roseman, Meitar's legendary Maestro, put together. He was a great guy to deal with...I would recommend him to all my friends. We will always remember that magical evening and the band that played such a major part in enhancing the awesomeness of our simcha.

With great thanks,

The Fuchs and Mitzmann families